Language Tandem & International Language Get-together

Dear Student,

You have the possibility via this website to look for a language tandem partner. To do so, please complete our undefinedonline form. We will then do our best to find a suitable partner for you!

How does the Language Tandem work?

The Language Tandem is a method of learning languages where two participants teach each other their mother tongue. In this way, you get to know not only your partner’s language but also his/her culture.

The advantages of the Language Tandem are:

  • An opportunity to expand your speaking and language skills
  • Intercultural exchange
  • The possibility to break down language barriers and overcome inhibitions about speaking
  • Training in/improvement of social skills
  • Time flexibility
  • Free choice of topics
  • Free choice of learning materials

There are, however, also a few rules that need to be respected in order for the Language Tandem to work. The two partners should meet up on a regular basis (best of all once a week at the same time) and decide on a minimum length of time to chat or undertake some other activity together. It also makes sense to share the same objective: Do you want to practise everyday conversation or terminology related to your specific subject? Do you want to expand your vocabulary or overcome your inhibitions about speaking? Or is the focus on intercultural exchange?

But especially important is the fun factor! There is no pressure or obligation. Partners meet at eye level and help each other with their different idioms. Correcting each other is naturally also an important aspect so that you each benefit from your partner’s expertise. And of course questions, practising pronunciation, taking notes and mutual assistance by means of “sign language”, drawings or other aids are allowed and even specifically encouraged!

International Language Get-together

For all students who would like to improve or refresh their foreign language skills alongside other language learners in a relaxed atmosphere, we offer an International Language Get-Together with native speakers and the help of a Language Guide. This will take place in Campus Vita (Building 21.11) from 17.00 - 19.00 on the following dates:

10.10.2018 24.10.2018 07.11.2018
21.11.2018 05.12.2018 19.12.2018

A different language is spoken at each table. A Language Guide steers the conversation in your group and helps to overcome initial inhibitions. You can chat in German or play board games together with the Languages Guides. You can also participate as a Language Guide yourself and offer a roundtable in your mother tongue or another language of your choice. To do so, please complete the registration form for Language Guides. Thank you for your interest!


International Language Get-together


In the 2018/2019 winter semester our Language Get-together will take place from 17.00-19.00 in Campus Vita (Building 21.11).

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